Bolt size needed

Hello, I am in need of the size of the front two bolts that hold on the bottom skid plate on an 05 yz450f. I have found the part number on a parts diagram but not the size, the number is 95027-06012-00. Any help is appreciated.

If I'm not mistaken, they are M6x1.0

thank you very much

Notice in the part number (95027-06012) 06 follwed by 012.... Diameter followed by length im millimeters.

thanks I kinda wondered if thats what it was but wasnt sure.

Yamaha does that a lot, but they are not totally consistent with it (the fork pinch bolts carry a bike-specific part number, 5XC-23346-L0-00, for example, rather than a general hardware number). Still handy when they stay with it.

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