Mojave ride this weekend. anyone? Bueller?

I have a killer ride planned for Saturday for anyone who lives in SoCal. So far We have 4 WR's going and a great group of guys if anyone is interested, let me know... Dan


Where are you planning on going?

I will be in the Red Mountain area (Tarona Road) on Saturday. I hope to get into some of that snow in the upper elevations. Joining me will be some kids (20 somethings) I sometimes take riding (two strokers with mx tanks), so a serious ride is not going to happen for me, but maybe we could still hook up? Need to get a "hot lap" or two in for my small but growing collection of helmetcam video clips. :)

Mojave ride? Cool! Where at? I live and ride out of Rosamond. A quick note to anyone who rides in the Bean Canyon area. You will be ticketed if you park your vehicles out there. A $175 fine I belive. Park somewhere else and ride in.


Ron, The ride I have planned is to ride from Mojave to Jawbone Canyon on the ridge that parallels the 14 fwy. Overthebars, we are meeting at Mojave Denny's at 8AM, love to have you join us (yes I know their will be alot of snow) but it should be a great ride!! See Ya, Dan


Are you doing the ridge ride with Derreck (650) and Bob (520)? Talked with Bob last night and he mentioned a ride like that. Would love to join you but the family and I will be out at Cal City with some other friends. Got the kids a couple of Yam 80's. Got to 'show them the ropes' regarding clutch usage and gear shifting. Hopefully, I won't have to pick up too many pieces. If the snow gets too deep come on by. Have fun and take care.


I will be riding out to Mojave from my house. I can meet you at the Cal City turnoff, off of Hwy 58. I'm assuming that this is where you are parking...



Just rode out to the wind mills above Mojave. The trails are perfect man.... I know where the truck is, and I'll see you guys out there. Brrrrrrr....

Chris, Yea those are the dudes!!!!! I hope Derrick rides his hog 650! That things a blast in the really tight stuff :) Have a good time in Cal City, that place is great!!! Maybe one day you could show me how to use my clutch. See Ya

Otb, We will park the trucks about 3 miles past Mojave on the road to tahachapi. Next to the old rusted truck. Hope to see you there. Dan


You missed a hell of a ride man. We were in three feet of snow for most of the day and it was so cool. Dan Lorenze was kind enough to invite me along to go riding with his family and friends. What a great bunch of guys. You'll be hard pressed to meet nicer people.


You gotta show me how to ride those 5th gear wheelies. Dude can ride.... Even though you kicked my ass all over the mountains that I call home, I'm ready for the next run whenever you have the time. It was truly an epic adventure.


Talk about balls.......

I posted an invite on TTalk to go riding last week and a guy showed up at place where I meet my friends (at a snowy freeway offramp). No truck, just one guy that rode his YZ400 from his house to meet total strangers to go riding in the snow! It turned out be a tough ride through snow all day. All in all we had a great ride and got back to the truck at dusk. The guy that im talking about is "over the bars marc". My hats goes off to you my friend..................You are the man! Dan Lorenze

Hey Dan,

You can reach me at I bought a truck at Galpin last night, and got a sweet deal. Ya baby! Let's ride!!!!

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