2003 yzf450 starting issues

well my bike starts about 2nd kick every time and after i wash my bike i start it to burn off any water that's around the pipe and motor etc. but yesterday it just wouldn't start. i then proceeded to check the spark plug but is it just me or is it a real PITA to get to?:p or do you need a special tool? anyway have you any ideas?

The spark plug is about 10 times easier to get at with the tank off, and it's well to have a swivel jointed socket even then.

If you get the air filter wet, the water may pass right through it when the engine is cranked, and it can possibly block the pilot air jet, which would cause the bike to be difficult to start at best. If you have spark, check for water in the carb.

If you have no spark, look for wet, shorted, or corroded terminal connections in the wiring.

thanks for the ideas. ill give the wiring a look over. i put the bike out in the sun this morning and its warming it up a lil bit so i might have another go soon

you shuold never start you bike right after washing any water on the filter will get sucked into your carb. I use compressed air to blow any water off my motor etc.

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