Thinking of Adding a WR450 to keep the WR250 Company

What can I expect that will be different from the 07 WR250 I'm now on? Are the chassis identical? How much more weight will I be dealing with? My WR250 has all the free mods, a JD carb kit, and the GYT end cap, as well as a larger, 14T CS sprocket. I'm doing some dual sporting, and the 250 will run the roads with the bigger bikes, I just have to wind her up more. Throw in some tight turns and in the single lanes the HP issue is nonexistent. Thanks.

In Michigan I think you'll be fine eitherway. Can't wait for the weather to get a little better here.

I have a 05wr250 and a 06wr450, both are great bikes. My 15 y ear old son moved into the 250 last yr. so I bought the 450 for me. First off both bikes are street plated, and my weight is 220+. Off road the 250 is sooooo easy to ride, tight woods etc. it is a great bike for what it is,period. The delema, on the road that other 450's pass u and you eat all his dirt? The 450 huals my fat ass better but at the end of the day I would have more elbow energy on the 250, the 450 will put a shit eatn grin on your face for it's power and is more road worthy at higher speads. Both bikes have the mods and stock pipe (pee shooter removed) would love to put a power bomb with a dr.d muffler on both bikes, but will pull out the first baffle on both bikes and will weld up some bigger end tips. Just weekend worriers getting out with my son, both bikes are past my abilities, it comes down to a trade off to witch bike and your weight and your wallet? Reading past post a mega bomb and dr.d combo will transform the 250 lower end grunt but that will not get u past a 450 on the road. The newer frame has a lower centre of g spot and is a lower bike?

For about $700 powerbomb header, dr.d and some sprockets if your weight is under 170lbs is an idea to start with?? but a 450 with a dr.d gives that shit eatn grin lol.

Don't get the 450 "to keep the 250 company." It's like taking a young hot new girlfriend home to keep your old fat wife comapany. It's for certain that she will never be ridden a gain. Yea, maybe once in a great while for a short spin but never for a seriouse ride.

If your 250 were a two stroke that would be a different story, S/T.

BTW, if your "running the roads with the bigger bikes" on the 250 you'll be leading the pack on the 450. You sound like an agressive ridder. If it's not a cash issue get the 450. Your young, the only thing you will notice is the massive amount of power gain. If cash is an issue keep what you have, it's agreat bike. Just don't spend too much trying to make the 250 into a 450.

Appreciate the feedback, although at 62 a new young girlfriend could kill me. One of my 64 year old riding buddies KTM 525 pitched him off a mountain and between the dislocated shoulder, 6 fractured ribs, bruised spleen, and broken tibia, he won't be in the saddle for a few weeks. Although he demonstrated he could wiggle his left ankle, and remarked that he could still shift. Still nobody lives forever. I most enjoy the single track trails, with occasional fireroads thrown in and road sections only to get to the next single track. I'm going to need another bike for my son to ride when he comes to visit, and was leaning toward the 450, but have time and will keep my eye out for an opportunity. Money is always an issue, but can we dealt with. One always seems to want more, power, I'm speaking of, but I enjoy the lack of weight, particularly when it come to picking up a fallen bike. That's the reason the XR650L went down the road. Thanks again.


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