First trip to Moab

I have business in Utah, March 6-14. I plan to play the weekend of March 8/9. should I go snow skiing or rent/ride Moab? Can't bring my WR450 this time. Looking for advice from locals on whether to rent/ride this trip, or wait until I can drive over (from Austin, TX) with my bike. What are weather and riding conditions like this time of year? anyone ever use Elite Motorcycle tours? Thanks for advice!

Snow skiing this year is not it's best due to drought. There has been more snow in southern Utah then northern. It snowed in Moab yesterday and more storms are on the way. However, the weather is not your biggest problem... the problem you face is that there are NO companies that rent motorcycles in Moab, only ATVs and even then cruddy ones. I would opt to wait it out until you can bring the WR along and then hit Moab and see Moab like it is meant to be seen.


I would go skiing. We have had a couple storms recently that have dumped over two feet at some of the resorts. Hopefully there will be some fresh powder when you arrive.

Blackie is right about renting and the amount of snow down south. They have been hit pretty hard this past week..................db

Ride Moab while you can. Don't worry about the weather. I rode there last weekend and had a great time. Contact Dale Parriott at Elite MC Tours. He runs a great tour. I have rode with Dale on his tour routes and they are awsome. You will not fail going with Elite. By the time you pay for a lift ticket, skis food, take your money and ride.

I have not done this tour but I totally agree. I watched a special on Speed about Elite's tours, trails they go on and the bikes they rent. KDX220's and KLX300's. He goes on great trails and I'm sure you would be happy with the trip.

I have ridden a lot in Moab and there is so much there that it wouldn't hurt to have a guide for the first time. Especially if you decide to ride alone.

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