FooBar- PICs for you


Here are the pictures you requested. Getting these pictures on the web was a bit of a pain, mainly because I have been "Oscar The Grouch" for the best part of the day.

As you can see I replaced the choke plate with a plate long enough to reach from the slide to the air boot. It greatly improved my starting. I did this before the airbox mod, so I know the effect is attributed to the modified plate.

The airbox mod helps with the smoothness of the top end. I didn't notice it until I looked down at my speedometer. I didn't realize how fast I was going because the engine felt so smooth @ 70mph in 4th gear.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

So how does the airbox mod exactly work? Seems to me the sharp 90 deg corner would increase turbulence of the air coming from the rear of the box? :D

What's up with them funky fork guards? Look like they could cut through barbed wire! :)


I have never seen a "Batwing" from all sides. The only picture I have seen is the one on the website, which only shows one end. The point you make is valid, however the airbox design has a sharp (almost 90 degree) turn to begin with.

The area that I blocked off is the same area blocked off in the Batwing design. When I looked at the shape of the airbox (after the turn) I realized that is reminded me of a stream with a little pooling area that would cause a counter flow effect.

I beleive that the problem is how to get the air flow "channelized" after the turn. So I concluded that blocking off this area would eliminate the pooling effect.

Net result, eliminate pooling area, achieve better airflow characteristcs. Your point of creating a curved contour where I have a sharp bend is a good one. But the curve would have to have a very small radius or you are back to the orignial shape of the airbox.

This is all seat of the pants speculating and then trial and error testing. All I can say is that when I was out riding and looked down at my speedometer I was surprised to see that I was doing 70mph in fourth gear because the engine felt so smooth. Not talking about more power, simply smoother, which may translate into more topend.

Updated site with new pictures Got my Clarke 4.3 gal fuel tank on saturday (2 Mar). It was full of plastic shavings. Gave it a good cleaning. Clarke gave me a sticker, but I not man enough to put it on my bike. It's pink. :D:)


I see. I just need some sheet metal for a nice gentle curve re-directing air into the carb minimizing the turbulent corner.

Have you considered vent holes in the cover as well? I see SRC now has a kit for around $20 that has templates and a pre-cut screen.

Also check out the article on that our good friend and unending wealth of information Qadsan posted about opening up the airbox cover.

You can do the airbox mod yourself. And if you do not use the OEM backfire screen there are two layers of the proper size mesh built into it. Just take a screw driver, open up the frame and Presto two pieces of #30 mesh. :) I did this because I use the UNI filter that comes with a frame.


Currently my air filter collects a nice distribution of dirt and nothing gets through. Cutout vents make me nervous because they would concentrate the air intake to those areas. IMHO this would increase the likelihood of dirt working its way through the filter. I would rather have someone else be the guinea pig and post their results.

You know if you make a "batwing" plate for the airbox you have to post pictures. :):D

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