motocross of nations: who's going

first off i have to say how i am tired of reading about how people want to see mickael pichon do battle with RC. do people think he really has a chance. i don't think he is a better rider than any of the US riders in the denations. he never was all that good when he was over here a few years back. anyways, it should be a good race and i can't wait to go.


I'll be there. along with the flys and cow sh_t. Im totaly stoked that the Nations is coming to socal, not so stoked on the track that they picked. I was out there about two months ago and it was not a place that represents the best the US has to offer for such a classic race. O'well.

Anyway, its going to be killer to watch RC twist the trottle! cant wait for that.


I'm with you, Chris.

Pichon's claim to fame is he won the World GP Championship. That's like winning the Little League World Series. It's great, but it's not the big leagues.

He's probably top 5 material here, but he'd struggle to get an occasional podium finish. We'll see in Sept.


Where is the Race this year?

The race is in southern california, San Jacinto to be exact. Here is a URL to check it out:

Comp park

Comp Park Pics

Its about 1 1/2 hours from LA.

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That's a track? Out east I would call that a sandpit!! Who ever made the comment that we should be a little embarrassed about this track is correct. But then maybe it is different in person.....???

If you really want to get depressed, read the article in this months RacerX entitled "Race in Progress"

I cancelled my hotel reservations as soon as I heard it was a one moto format. :)


those pics are nopt sooo good. i be the track will look better come race day. its not Americas best looking place that is for sure. could they find a more ugly place to have the world come and see us.


The riders will probably like the track come race time. Look for the Belgians, Dutch, and French to do well in the sandy soil.

Not so sure about spectator accommodations. It is hot and dusty out there, especially in September. Although the track itself will be well-watered, the rest of it should be pretty dry. Bring lots of gatorade.

Comp Park knows how to prep a course, so maybe it will actually be a great race.


It looks like a track that falls into the FIM requirements for a motocross track. The kind of tracks we raced as kids, not a bunch of big doubles and triples.

I'd look For RC to give them a lesson on how to ride a high speed sand course with a minimum of airtime. He's ridden sand a time or two during his career!

I think they had to pick a track the US guys are not familiar with so they don't get an unfair advantage

Blade might have something there. Not to mention that the FIM and the GP's in general are in trouble. The one moto format idea is chasing all their best riders elsewhere for competition. No one who is anyone thinks the World Championship is worth a plug nickel any more. Maybe the FIM had to take what they could get. Maybe there is no profit in it, so no other US tracks wanted it.

And yes, even though the Dutch, Belgians, and French should do well, I also think RC has the speed to blow these guys away. Assuming he stays on the horse.


That track is the most unual place to hold a event of this caliber at. My vote would have been Unidilla....

The Gp guys would have complained about the jumps being too big at unidilla. Hvae you guys heard all the crap that mickael pichon has been sturring up. i forget where i read it but he wants any body but the USA to win. he does not care if france looses as long as the Americans get beat. is that guy so full of him self that he really thinks he has a fighting chance. RC is so on fire right now that nobody is going to hang with him.


He is still pissed offed, if you remember his dad got into a fight with track officals about parking,and ended up punching someone!I think they booted them. He was always saying that he never had the same treatment as the other factory riders? He is bitter! He is top 5 material,but he can't beat RC!

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