Finally got my videos on.

Well, it took some time, but I finally got some of my helmet cam crash footage and some video of last years Elsinore GP on MPEG video and on my website.

OK, OK,.... so Im a little slow, it just took me a while to figure out how to do it. :)

Check it out if you want...

Nice videos there Moman! I noticed the bridge there down at ol' chadwick. Why crash in the titles though. I didn't see the underside of your bike once. :)

p.s. We are coming down the weekend of the 21st. Hurricane might be coming with. Maybe hook up then?

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The 21st eh? Well, lets see.... let me think about it for a second. It seems like I have something going on on the 21st but I cant think of what it is....

Oh yea! Thats right! I'm getting married on the 21st. So I guess I'm out.

Do you think my fiancee would understand if I went to Chadwick directly after the ceremony? :D:):D LOL

Mabye next time.... thanks for the offer.

Great videos! The bridge crossing video might not go over so well though (IMHO) with some of the greenie/tree hugger/activist/close our trails down kinds of groups that we all complain about.


Yea, I was actually thinking that also when I was posting it, but I have such a slim selection I wanted to post all that I had.

Although, it wasnt on the trail.... :)

If I get enough people that think I should remove it, I will. I dont want to jeopradize anything by posting a video.


What!!??? not having your reception at Chadwick? What kind of off roader are you? :):D:D

Congrats on the marriage, there not bad I've had two of them myself! :D


The bridge is part of the trail system, it was put there so you could cross the creek there. The greenies should be happy that we are not riding through it anymore. They won't be happy unless we weren't there at all though. :D

There are all kinds of trail maintenance structures down there that help keep the damage to the trails down. It happens to be very organized there. Just some info for ya!

Ride on!

Whoa, I just watched the videos again, they must not have loaded all the way the first time. Darren, Pull the bridge one, man I see what ddialogue was talking about. Don't give the greenies a chance to see this. They would like the bridge there but not intentionally destroying it. Not to preach here but that wasn't cool.

Sorry man, just don't want to see anymore riding areas in Mo closed.

[ August 23, 2002, 06:34 AM: Message edited by: edareus ]

Ok, done.

Sorry, don't want to make anyone mad. I was just looking for something interesting to put on a vid clip.

Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate the input.


p.s. Funny thing - After my buddy does that, I ride across the bridge and I get a flat! Hows that for irony!

Neat to see the video. I have a few of those "the ground gets closer real fast" segments too. I have one, somewhere, where I roll a few times back down a hill, missing the tree trunks. You see the sky flash by in addition to closeups of the dirt. I've never pursued webbing the clips.

Been a long time, have you been doing video since back when we got into some longer discussions on the topic?

Actually techman, you gave me a ton of detailed info (above my head, even though I tried as hard as I could to comprehend) a while back when I was trying to put the vids on the computer.

Im not sure my computer was fast enough to handle the task so I handed the project over to a friend of mine that knew what he was doing and then he just e-mailed me the clips and I stuck them on my site.

Remember, I was the one that had the firewire card at work and was making the videos? But they were real choppy and the file size was enourmous.

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