My New Wr 450 Is Flat

I Have Just Got A New 2008 Wr 450 And Find It Underpowerd With A Massive Flat Spot.

The Bike Is Standard.

Can Anyone Tell Me What Needs Doing To The Bike So It Will Run At Its Best.

I Am From England So The Weather Can Be Cold And Damp Will This Affect The Running Of The Bike.

I Could Do With A List Of Mods And Setings That I Can Give To My Dealer So They Can Get It Sorted.

Thanks For Your Help


search the free mods!!!

The wr is all choked up. so much crap in the exhaust that it can't breath. I would think opening it up would help heaps. then you'll have to re-jet. That plus the free mods should make a big difference.

1. uncork intake and exhaust

2. re-jet, including leak jet

3. adjust a-pump linkage

4. grey wire mod

5. go to doctor to have permanent smile removal surgery

yuppers for sure... i thought the same thing when i got my 08 home... then i did the throttle stop mod and took the restrictor out of the exhaust. and i have been smiling ever since.

just put in a JD jetting kit to make it start/run even better



Thanks For The Reply

Thanks For The Reply

Let us know what you think of your WR once you have done the throttle stop and restrictor :p



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