Flame out of exhaust

I just bought my first 4 stroke morocross bike, a 2006 YZ450F. I did not notice it when I test rode it but after getting it home I noticed that when I blip the throttle, sometimes it pops a little and a little flame shoots out the exhaust. Is that normal or do I need to adjust something in the carb? I was told it is all stock so I believe the pilot and main are stock. The bike probably only has 5 hours on it. I am about 500ft elevation and temps in the 50s.

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can offer.

its probably just backfiring, pretty normal on 4-strokes. You might want to get a spark arrestor if youll be doing trails and stuff like that.

thanks. that puts my mind at ease. If the popping get to bad then I will check out jetting changes as suggested elswhere on the forum.


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