starter mod

does anybody still have an 03 wr450 and did you have the 04 starter mod done if yes did u have any problems after the mod.thx

where did you get the parts for the 04 starter mod,, web site???

I did my mates '03wr450 and got the parts from "jp parts".The starter clutch is now worn out,not related to the '04 upgrade parts. Very easy to do.

This will tell you what to do,BUT you don't have to take off the flywheel cover,just the small cover and fit the bush,then fit the new bits and smicky smack!

not sure ,my dealer is getting them, 1 part is on back order, i think the cover i think its coming from japan should be another week ,,,hopefully, are you gettin the mod done too?

So there is no need to remove the entire side cover as was done in this write up and the only parts needed as as follows:

04 Torque Limiter Part # 5TJ-15560-00-00 @ $204.99

04 Torque Limiter Cover Part # 5TJ-1549B-00-00 @ $28.99

04 Thrust washers (need 2) Part# 90201-105A8-00 @ $ 7.98 total


So in simple terms remove the small side cover, take out old Torque Limiter and bushings, put in new stuff, put on new side cover.

Hey DMK75, what's the best way to take out the old bushings?



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