Wow, I just found my way here. This is by far the best bulletin board for 4 stroke enthusiasts that I have found. Lots of useful information here. :)

Keep up the good work folks. I will be back often :D

Welcome, and enjoy...


...and the Snow dog? (Rush fan?) :D

Just saying "howdy"! So what kind of bike trips yer trigger? If it "thumps" instead of "k'nings", you found the right place! :)

yep I am a rush fan.

I have a 99 WR 400 with a baja designs kit. IMS seat and tank, and trying to talk the wife into letting me have more goodies. :)

Snow Dog :D I was just thinking the exact same thing. Back in the 70's and 80's I used to consider myself the biggest Rush fan on Earth. Now I just about can't listen to them anymore. Kind of like the original Star Trek episodes. Can't watch them anymore either. Must be old age. :)

It is Geddy Lee's shrill voice, Rich... after a few years of marriage and children, the natural male defense system compells you to seek shelter from such high octaves. :D

We begin to require the deep, soothing tones of a well-tuned thumper exhaust as well as the rapid escape it signifies. :)

Bytor, I admire your outstanding taste: My '99 also sports a B.D. kit with a Clarke tank and YZ seat and the goodies are just as dependent. Old Rush (pre-Signals) in privacy and at the proper max-volume can still stir memories of long-dead hair follicles. :D

Welcome Bytor :) This is great place enjoy.

Hey there...

Welcome to Thumpertalk.. It's amazing the info and friendship this place can provide. :)

But.. speaking of RUSH.. (you knew it was going to digress to this) Have you heard their latest stuff? Vapor Trails is a fantastic album. A few albums back, Geddy learned to sing rather than scream. After a 2 year break, Neil's drumming has gotten better than before. Alex.. well, he's still one of the best guitarists out there.. Like most of us.. they HAVE matured and relaxed a bit in their delivery. After being a little unimpressed with their last few albums, I highly recommend it. However it does take a few trips through the CD player to really appreciate it. I used a few songs as background music to a road-riding video I made.

Have you read Ghostrider? It's a book by Neil Peart about his travels across N.America looking for solutions to his personal grief. You'll find it an engrossing read.

The book is like a companion piece for the RUSH CD. Since Neil writes the lyrics, pretty well every tune off the CD related to an experience he had on his healing road.

so..there I go.. dirtbikes and music... :D it's a great combo.

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