trouble starting brand new bike

I just bought brand new 09 yzf 450. I roughly have 15 running hours on it . Im having a hell of a time starting the bike. Once i get it to run it has no problem for the rest of the day. I took it back to yamaha they showed me that im kicking it to hard , like how u kick a 2 stroke. One hard quick kick.A smooth soft kickm does start it more easily but imstill having to kick it 30 -50 kicks. Does anybody know whats going on? Do i need to check my valves? Shoulnt a brand new bike fire right away?Any other 09 yzf450 Having the same problem?

Please all advice would be appreciated

Check your valves, 15 hours is soon, but id check em anyway.

I typically pump the throttle 3 times, put the choke on, and kick. It usually fires on the second kick.

You just have to figure it out. When I first got mine, it took me a few weeks to get everything figured out.

you should check the valves after the first ride, if its hard to start the valves may be tight.

are you holding on the hot start lever while kicking? and yes yamaha is correct, you dont need to pound the kick starter as hard as you could, just do some smooth kicks. it also starts easier in neutral than in gear.

i havent been twisting the throttle before i pull the choke that could be the problem. Definitely easier to get going if i kick it smoothly and less hard. Im going to check my valves if i keep having a hard time.


You guys are completely right i turned the fuel on, twisted the throttle 3 times pulled the choke she fired 2 kick. I very glad to know it was my error and not a mechanical one .

Thanx alot guys

while kick starting put your hand away from throttle. While kicking you may throttle it wrongly. Giving throttle when starting makes harder to start bike. And sometimes turn on and off the choke and try it both way.

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