wr400f & white bros E series pipe question

I picked up a used WB Series E pipe, for a reasonable price. The clearance between the rear brake reservoir and the pipe is about 1/8th of an inch. I may be able to put a spacer on one of the mounting bolts to increase the gap a bit. I'd like to keep the reservoir from melting, in case I need the rear brake. Also, the number plate is melted a bit on the pipe side - I'll cut the bottom off most likeley. Anybody have a WR and WB series E with similar issues?

'99 WR400F, YZ timing, grey wire cut, Airbox lid modified, Devol suspension tuned, Michelin MT12 F/R tires, Guts grip seat, Renthal bars.

I have an E-series. I have not noticed the pipe running any nearer to the rear res than the stock pipe. I cant check it right now cos I have the stock pipe on.

It does touch the number plate a little - have you got the original rubber spacer still fitted on the inside of the number plate? Mine does not cause permanent damage, just touches a little.

Mine didn't cause any melting on the reservoir. The cover seems to be reasonably heat resistant, because it is a pretty close fit. My number plate did melt a little bit on the bottom, but that happened while it was lying on that side, pressed against the hot pipe after a crash.


I also have a E Series S Bend and, I go through about one reservoir a year from exhaust heat.

I have a endcap plate that protects plastics it goes on the plate stack, just wish I got it before I started to burn rear fender. I think WB have these plates on there website.

I just replaced both rear resevior's on my WR400 and my YZ400. The YZ was replaced because it got so hot that it melted a hole on the exhaust side. And the WR's became warped after being heated and cooled after 3 years of use. The YZ was my fault because I didn't do a thorough enough inspection when I bought the bike used...(The Res was way too close to the pipe because the mount had been previously bent in a crash I guess.

I am running e-series exhausts on both my bikes. The tab that the Res is attached to is not very strong and a really good right side crash creates enough force to bend it toward the exhaust. I bent the mount out to a point where the res is 3/4 of an inch from the pipe and the outer guard does not put pressure on the plastic res.

I will keep an eye on them from now on....Only $13.00 to replace so it's not a wallet killer, and a Mighty Vac makes the replacement only a 10 minute job.

Bonzai :)

drd is making the res and stuff and as one piece just like the new crf and yzf 450's have. not sure if they are for sale but they would fix our problem with running these pipes. i run the wb promeg and currently i think it messed up my res. i have little or no back break but the disk could be bent, not sure.



I really could not tell there was a problem with my WR until I took the res off and looked closely at it. The back side was warped just enough to allow fluid to escape after a hard ride. I didn't notice because of all the mud and the fact that the heat from the pipe was evaporating it.

Now that I have replaced the res and used a piece of course grit sand paper to rough up the lining on the pads things are kickin....

Bonzai :)

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