Do 00 426 rims fit 03 450?

I own a set of rims for the dunes with a paddle for the rear and a sand tire for the front. I just sold my 426 and will be picking up my 450 in a few days. Anyone know if they will bolt up to the new ride?


I tried a 1999 yz 400 wheel assembly on my 2003 wr 450 and it bolted right up with no problem. I am pretty sure that 1999 to 2003 rear wheels are same. I am looking for a 19inch rear wheel for my wr450. You could call the yamaha shop and check part numbers on rear hubs.

.....That pretty much settles it I think. The rims said 98-00 when I got them. So I think they will both bolt up nicely. Get to pick up the new thump this friday YEEEHAAA!!

...... As far as a rear rim try checking out ebay. I currently have a rear rim for sale there no spokes, hub or nothing just the rim. If you don't want to pay 5 large bills for a new rear, then ebay + patients is the way to go. RIM LINK--->


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