Trade 03 Yz450f For 05 Rmz450

Hey guys i have a 03 yz450f with many goodies on it, I have a guy that has a 05 rmz450 that he said is hard to start and when he gets it started it will only run with the choke on. He said that all it needs is a new carb. He wants to trade striaght up. Should I?

unless he has somehow damaged the carb, it doesn't need a new carb. chances are it just needs cleaned if it has been sitting for a while. however, if it has been run alot and is hard to start, then you'll probably need to freshen up the top end.

As I recall, the first year '05 RMZ had some reliability problems. If it was me, I wouldn't trade.

heres what you should do. trade in 03 yz450 for 06 or newer YZ450. then you would have a bike thats way better than a RMz and maybe some of your goodies would fit on it. i cant see trading a running bike for a none running bike. even if its a year newer.

Unless I knew that the engine was mechanically sound and treated well, I wouldnt do it.

2005 rmz450 had problems with the cranks and the plating on the cylinder. My cousin is the head tech were they sell all brands except KTM. He said he did a lot of repairs on that year rmz450.:p I would stick with good old true blue:thumbsup:

why would this guy trade a newer bike for a older bike hes just tryna pork you guy and give you a bike that has str8 up issues who knows whats wrong with that but once u trade its all done your stuck with that bike id stick with the yamaha suzuki had 1 good production there 400 atv eeverything else BLAAAH go honda yamaha or kawi rest is JUnk! :banghead:

I think you will make a step backwards if you do this trade. Stay with your Yamaha.

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