oil overflowing

just changed the oil,first time on this 06 yz450. i just got it..

i changed the oil and filter,let it all drain out best i could from both drain plugs. put new filter and oil in.manual called for 1.2 quarts.added one full quart adn about 3 or so oz or teh other. was just a tad bit over the xxx's on the dipstick when i stuck it in and checked. i noticed today after a good hard ride around the block,after i went back out into the garage there was a small pool of oil under the bike! i traced it from the hose that runs down from the valve cover.just wondered if it was normal or ok for that? did i add way to much oil?


One thing the manual doesn't make a very big deal of is that the "tank" (left front drain plug) won't drain well unless you remove the dip stick first.

But even if you did, the manual DOES NOT call for 1.2 quarts. 1.2 liters is the total amount in the system, but that much will not drain from the bike when doing an oil change. With a filter, it requires 1 liter exactly (1.06 US quart). Most oil bottles have a 1 liter mark on them even though they only hold a quart. Open a new bottle, fill it to the 1 L mark from another bottle, and dump it in.

The oil dribbling from the breather hose is, to some extent, normal. And if you had overfilled an '04 model by 200cc, you would never have noticed anything, because there is some extra room in the tank for the excess. However, there is no extra space in the feed oil reservoir of the '06 and later models, so any excess is pushed back to the sump, where it elevates the crankcase oil level higher than normal, and causes a lot of extra oil splash, some of which will find its way out the breather.

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oops. hell i even asked the guy at the yamaha place how much oil...

i had assumed i put a lil to much in..

another question,any one have any opinions on the brakes on these bikes? coming off my rm,these brakes seem like crap!!

I like the brakes just fine. I can lock either end more or less at will, or stand the bike on its nose. The front takes a little effort, but I like it better that way than having it so powerful it takes extra concentration. The best way to add power to it is an oversized rotor kit.

Put some EBC Reds on there. You will be amazed at the improvement. :p

I have a 08 450, and have also noticed how difficult it is to get the proper amt of oil right for the bike. I will drain and change the filter, and add the required amt the manual calls for, then I do the warm up for under 3 min and it checks way full. Then I drain some, repeat warmup, and check, still too full. I did this like 8 times before it checked right. I am guessing alot of oil gets trapped into the engine somewhere. I even kick it once or twice with it draining holding the killswitch. Fussy bike, it has less than 10 hours on it and its tempermental to start at the track. But when its warm, it will start 1st kick? ***? I love the bike, but the cold start up is weird. It will never start up for me at the track like it does at home, its gotta be a curse or something LOL.

Should be getting the super stiff spring rates soon for the bike, I hear it will handle worlds better for me, I dislocated my shoulder on APR 4th got a little too confident even with the stock suspension, and I got cross rutted on a high speed straight and I went flying, into a rut on my right shoulder. I don't care what anyone says, but when the muscles start to spasm it hurts like a mofo. I almost cried, probably since I had to drive to the house to drop the trailer and bike, then drove to ER. What a day.

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