Riding in Dallas

Hey Guys,

Looks like I might be in the Dallas area for Christmas. I was thinking about dragging the bikes down.

What I need to know is:

Are there any actual trails or parks to ride in the area?

What kind of jetting do I need to setup for the area?

Thanks in Advance for your help.


Red River riding park....also know locally as Muenster.

Here are directions:


$8 per day. Varied terrain. Approximately 1.5 hours from Dallas. If you really like technical trails and woods it's the place to go. Our club holds enduros on the property.

Oops, sorry, I forgot.

winter Jetting on my '01 YZ426

45 pilot

Clip 4th from top

165 main


That looks great!!! My mother in law may see a lot more of us now!!



Drop us a line if you go. If I'm not riding an enduro somewhere I'm usually there on Sunday mornings....that is, when the daytime temps are less than 90. It's not real fun riding there during the typical Texas summer. There not much air moving in the woods. I had to go to a KX500 radiator cap to keep the puke factor down on my bike.

Riding there is an absolute blast during the cooler months.

I second what texX said, we ride there during the week, it would be worth hauling the bikes for, just one thing........pick up your trash when you leave!!!(the owners have threatened to shut it down due to the un-responsable ya-hoos leaving **** everywhere)

Racemile, If you get the chance go to Muenster. It seems kind of small to me but it offers alot. Rocks, river, creek, sand, trees, hills, and pretty much anything else you could imagine.

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Why the heck would anyone rick losing a riding area over something as trivial and easy to cure as "pack out your own trash"?


We're holding an enduro there the first weekend in October. There will be two clearly marked loops after the enduro of approximately 20 miles each. Some of the A/B loop will not be open to the public after the enduro. The neat thing about riding the enduros at Muenster is you get to ride property and trails that aren't normally open to the public....meaning some really great trails that have not been "four-wheelerized".

The best time to ride there is directly after an enduro because there is no question as to which direction someone should be riding on the trail.

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