Static sag.

Hi all,

Just curious to know about the static sag on my 06 WR450 front forks.

Without pulling out my springs to measure the free length.

What is an acceptable sag.I pushed down on the frond end a fews times and put a zip tie around the leg.I jacked up the bike and measured 2 inches/50mm of fork extension.

I've only been on 2 rides with the bike an cannot come to grips with the feedback from the frontend.The triples are down to the first mark (5mm)

I am about 5'6 1/2 and weight about 176 fully geared up.

All the clickers are set to standard.

The 2nd ride i lowered the triples to the 2nd (10mm) mark.

It did make the front a little more twitchy,but the feedback is annoying me greatly to the extent of nearly putting me off riding,because it is spitting me off more times than i like.

Mainly down hills following ruts,shallow or deep.I'm not that great a rider being out of it for 20+years and now getting back into it.

To get thrown over the bars a number of times in the last 2 rides is getting me down.:p

There is no warning at all from a save to dropping it.

Is my sag too much as i know the WR's are soft in the front.

Tires/pressures are fine and nothings bent....maybe its just me?


You are probably 'out riding' the bikes suspension. Time for a re-spring and re-valve. Even thought the WR forks are soft, they are also very harsh, and ride low.

The most recent Dirt Bike magazine stated that they were basically unable to test the bike with the stock forks! They had Factory connection re-do them.

Thanx Krannie,like i said i'm not a great rider,but i can certainly feel a "dead"

front end on my bike.

Even the years of riding my old PE175,kx250,and a cr125 you point the bike where you want it to go and it would their line and concentrate on the next corner.

Moving to the wr after 20 years and its point it then will it hold the line....and then down you go without any warning,not even time to save it.

The rest of the WR i find great.If you don't notice things on the bike while you are riding then its doing its job.

The there all the time.

I can live or ride with a average rear end,but if i can't go where i point it....or hold a line....then i'm stuffed.:p

Oh well....some research to be done.


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