Plate holder, thanks Willaim and Snaggletooth, with pics.


So I was trying to get just a plate holder that works with the stock setup. After several suggestions to use the Baja, Williams hooked me up with a plate holder that Snaggletooth had offered to him.

I got it on and used it this weekend. Worked great and looks great. Long story short, it survived 60 miles of singletrack this weekend.

Thanks all.



Glad you are happy! :p

I'm sure at some point I'll 12 oclock it and rip out the three screws that hold the taillight on... but I'm sure I'll have more to worry about then than whether or not my plate stays on.

Is this a home made design or something commercially available?


I'm glad to see that the plate holder worked as well for you as it has been for me. William1, good looking out for other TT'ers!

It's funny that the plate holder has been mentioned on this forum. My neighbor (designer of the plate holder) Just stopped by out of the blue and asked me to remove mine so he could see what it would cost to have a bunch copied. He's on his way to the fabrication shop now. The funny thing is that I haven't talked to him about making more of them for months.

He is inerested in making more for some pocket change. I told him that I woud handle the sales but I want to ensure that they can be made at a low cost so they can be sold at a low cost. I would like to keep the re-sale price under $30 (including quality hardware and shipping) if possible. That's my goal.

A long time ago I was working on my third design for a plate holder for my WR. Every time I thought I had a solid design I would find the the plate holder bent, cracked or sagging. I even lost my golden plate on the trail during a long desert ride. A guy in my ridding group say's " Hey, you lost your plate several miles ago, I seen it fall off." I respond, "thank's for not picking it up and just letting me know about it now." Now put down the beer and show me where you seen it last!" Thank's to his keen observation skills he found it for me.

My neighbor (retired aerospace tech) asked to borrow my tail light houseing because he thought he could design a plate holder that would never fail, no matter how hard I pounded the bike. He did just that! He made me three of them, two as back up's. The first one was so strong that it never had to be replaced so I gave the extra two away.

I have pounded the bike for many miles (1000+) with this plate holder attached. To this day I never even consider removing my plate because of a planned hard dirt ride. I don't do super big air on the bike (it's not a YZ) but I have bottomed my rear (and front) suspention countless times with the plate attached. I also flipped the bike, end over end x3 times, on a big steep hill climb without damage to the plate. I think that was more luck than anything else.

I bet a good 12 0'clock wheelie could do some damage to the plate and/or the mount but so would a good swift kick, LOL. I would guess that the only way to totaly protect the plate would be to mount it like markybehan did, on top of the fender. That's a safe way to go but but hanging the plate off the rear has more of a factory look. All I know is that after many hard miles this plate holder has never cracked, bent, sagged, fallen off or rubbed during total suspention compression.

If your interested in one keep an eye out for a re-post from me. If they can be offered at a low price I will have more made, Sanggletooth.

It has cutouts so the tail light and housing can be removed without taking off the plate mount. It also allows for keeping the factory mounting screws.




I'd like two of them:thumbsup:

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