Is this the easiest bike to wheelie ever?

My bro used to own a 83 XR200 (non R dual shocker if you can believe it) and I could wheelie that for a long ways. Had a great balance point, and just enough power to make it fun.

This weekend I was pulling wheelies with the new WR... talk about effortless. Made me look like a wheelie rockstar. On one I went about half a miles and no clutched from 3rd to 5th... finally got bored and sat it down and the speedo immediatly flipped to 74 mph... and it was just effortless.

I love this bike.

I think the same way..

i am instantly better at riding on the rear wheel...

i have been able to shift to 4th from 3rd without clutch..

but i have been practicing not gaining speed.. just maintaining the wheelie :p



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