Coolest dash panel ever?

I read the LED brake light post, and thought I'd better share my LED panel. I never liked the stock cluster, so I wasn't too disappointed when I cracked the mounting bolt off.

The computer is just the standard Endurance with the billet gaurd, but I needed--wanted--some place to mount my indicator lights. I took an 1/8 inch piece of alum. and cut it out on the scroll saw, drilled it and polished it. The panel actually goes under the gaurd, so the monting is very solid. The LED lights are from the auto store. It's the high, neutral and left and right signal. I had to do left and right because the LEDs are polarity sensitive and the polarity switches on the same wires for left and right signal from the factory.

They are plenty bright and have half a dozen hard rides behind them with no probs other than the light sliding out of the metal sleeve. A little silicone has held them in just fine.

Not bad for 35 bucks. I like eye candy.


You get my vote - very clean


Great work, mucho bragging rights. Nobody else will have it and it is very cool. :)

Way Cool, nicely done. :)


Had a moment of weakness and wanted to show off some of my handywork.


Thats sweet! :) I'm installing a dual sport kit on my 650 and I was thinking of doing something like that. Thanks for the idea and the pictures. :D

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