How much butt smacking is to much

So I have been ridding a little more aggressive and a few of the round rocks and U & J shaped ruts I cross have been making my rear tire hop up and the seat will give me a wack. My question is how much is too much butt smacking? I am riding a 08 450 and want to keep a good fast rebound….

The rebound on the YZF is too loose, as a matter of fact. I had not thought this until Dave Johnson at Smart Performance set me up with a new rebound stack for the shock that revises the rebound response. Now, the shock kicks less, and the back wheel stays nicely centered through the whoops.

:p Decrease the high compression damping force.
:p butt smacking usually ends out in tank slapping!!! it usually turns out bad for me. expecually in the sand:naughty:

I will try decrease the high speed compression. I don't want to get the rebound to slow and cause packing problems.....


You should try bumping the rebound up before you decide that it will pack to an excessive degree. The biggest improvement I noticed from the beefed up rebound stack in mine was in the whoops. If it was going to pack, it would do it there, and it doesn't.

It is probably true that the exact same result can't be had by a simple adjustment as with a revalve, but that's what worked for me. The worst that could happen is that you'd have to undo the adjustment.

The worst is when that ****er comes up and squishes your nuts against your ass....

depending on the situation dragging the rear brake a little will help keep the rear tire down.

Trailing the throttle or braking over an obstacle usually makes it kick worse, IME.

I disagree, I have found dragging the brake keeps the rear end down.

I disagree, I have found dragging the brake keeps the rear end down.

+1, I even believe Gary Semics says that in his techniques book

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