Just rode my 2000 wr 400 for the first time.

I purchased my bike about 2 months ago for 1200.00 bucks from a dealer here in SC. Ive never ridden a dirt bike just my harley. Went to hte palmetto sports complex with some buddies. WOW:smirk: The bike performed flawlessly and hot started one kick every time. It has an Edlebrock carb and a FMF exhaust system. I only lost it twice on the trails and it started back one - two kicks. Man I love the bike and a great new pastime.:p

great news welcome to trail biking.

i love my wr450... mmm power.



Congrats. I'm a new convert from the street too. I have a WR450. In CHS. How was Palmetto? I was at CAW saturday. Slick as eel shat.

Palmetto was slick also. huge mudholes. I dumped both times coming out of the mud hole in the slick stuff on the otherside. NO injury so no worries!

Have yet to go to CAW.

Picked up my 01 426 last year and have been in heaven ever since. Good luck and have fun!!!!

just got 2000 wr 400.what is the secret to starting it?

Starting a WR400.

Slowly push kick starter down until you hit the compression point (top dead center).

Pull decomp lever.

Move kick starter 1 inch further.

Release lever and let kick starter go all way back to top.

Now KICK it all the way as hard as you can.

Vroooom. :0)

Some like to give a few light kicks first with decomp lever pulled to make sure fuel is flowing through the system, but I haven't found any real help from this.

Mine will start first kick from dead cold most times.

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