Piston Kit ?

2000 yz425

Excuse my ignorance, but I've have yet to order any parts off of the parts store here at TT. I was going to order a piston kit for my bike today, and was a little unclear in the parts store. In the parts unlimited catalog, the only part #'s offered for the 426 is the piston and circlips. So I would assume that there is not full kit (piston, rings, wristpin, circlips) offered through the P.U. catalog. In the other catalog, I think Tucker-Rockey, there was a piston kit offered, which looked like included everything. Just don't want to come up short on parts when I want to ride.

Also, is the weisco the best piston to put in for stock comp. and hard trail riding?

I usually recommend OEM Yamaha pistons. From a standpoint of both reliability and price, they are very difficult to beat, and for most people, they work very well.

If you decide that you have to have a high compression piston, my preference is CP, but Wiseco is a good product also.

In looking at the Wiseco listings at the TT Store, they come up in the Parts Unlimited catalog. There, it states that "All Wiseco ...pistons are priced with rings and circlips." If you are uncertain, call the Store.

If you use a Wiseco, I recommend either their heavy duty wrist pin, or a Yamaha pin. There have been a few cases of the Wiseco pin failing.

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