Kneed Some Advice

I did a number on my ACL and really want to avoid any surgery if possible. Are there some thoughts on preventative and therapeutic knee exercises that anyone has been through? Xrays did not draw any conclusions but there is a clunking sound in the knee that wasn't there before.

I went for the customary MRI and am awaiting results but I seem to live in a corner of the world where they prescribe going under the knife 90% of the time.

I blew mine out and I didn't need an MRI. They just had me sit on a bench with my leg flat. Held the upper part of my leg down and pulled the lower leg up, parallel to the table. Looked nasty and felt weird. If you have no stability left, your ACL is probably gone.

The best thing is probably to get a good knee brace custom made for your leg. They fit better and protect you from tearing up your knee. Mine locks out at 5 degrees before my leg is straight.

I blew my ACL 15 years ago. I had the repair, and had subsequent surgeries for "clean ups". I wore a brace for the first year coming back. Since then it's all about the quad strength. I still ski 80 days a year without a brace. I changed my training focus towards bikes (road,mtb, and of course the WR). Work hard on your quad strength,it will help with stability. Good luck. My 2 cents

I blew out my ACL 16 years ago skiing. As soon as the swelling was down. I rode an indoor stationary bicycle for one hour a day for an entire year. I wore a brace for skiing and other sports that are hard on knee joint stablitly. Over time scar tissue has stregthened my ACL so that I can play tennis without a brace. Building the leg muscles around the knee with low impact excersies like cycling and evaluate the ACL after 2 or 3 years and then make a decision if your lifestyle needs an operation or if you can live with it. If you have pain just bending your knee you may want to consider orthroscopic clean up of the joint. Good luck with the rehab.


I am hoping to get my knee's fixed by Dr. Stone BEFORE they have to put in 2 artificial ones! :)

His website has given me hope!! :D

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