Hey guys i am new to this forum and have been out of riding a few years. I just bought a Xr650L and was wondering what would be the best exhaust to put on it. When i mean best i mean compromise between noise and performance. The bike will be used exclusively on the street as a wheelie machine and a future super motard. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

White Bros. Hot Tip is only 50 bones and boosts performance with very mild noise increase (only 2 dB over stock). The stock unit is very heavy though and if you want to lighten the load check out the WB E-Series with a quiet core.


Forget about the HOT-TIP. I tried to order it twice from MXSOUTH and my local Motorcycle dealer. After being told they were on back order and waiting for 3 weeks the fisrt time. I tried my local dealer where I waited for 2 months only to be told that they don't make it any more. There are so many aftermarket pipes that can be installed. I think it comes down to two options. 1) Do you want to be loud on the street so cars / people are aware of you, possibly for saftey reasons. Answer) You might check out the White brothers pips, FMF, Pro Circuit, IDS, or Big Gun.

2) Do you ride in some areas where you have to have a low profile and don't want to be a problem for anyone. Answer) check out any of the bike that may have a moduler end cap so that you may buy the Quiet core insert etc.

As for myself I bought the FMF PowerCoreIV as sound isn't a factor in it. Don't forget to rejet!

Good Luck.

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