2004 yz450 wheel bearings

I looked around and hope i'm not adding a post that need not be here. I've done very little maintenance to my bike on my own.....i need to change the wheel bearings but am not sure if i'm needing an oem specific tool to spin the front axle out? Will i need a bearing press? I'd like to start learning the bike and figure best by starting with the small things or is this something i should take to someone with a press? I have the manual but did not see the specific tool for spinning the axle out. Any help would be appreciated

When you remove the nut, you can simply push the axle through the other side; the wheel will fall right off. You can carefully tap the bearings out from the inside of the wheel. When I was new to this I tapped the new ones in as well. It worked fine, but I may have gotten lucky by not screwing up the new bearings. Next time I will press them in.

See this link for a great alternative for a bearing press. :p


Driving bearings in place is usually OK, and is occasionally even preferable to using a press. It depends on several things, but the risk with a press is sometimes that the force required to seat the bearing may be enough to distort the part it fits in if it can't be supported correctly.

If you do a bearing in or on, be sure you apply force only to the race where the press fit is, like the outer race in the case of a wheel bearing. Never apply force so that it is arried thorough the balls or rollers, as you can permanently damage the races this way.

Thanks guys.......i will try to apply that info. If i wreck the bearings first time......oh well......i'll eventually be ahead once i figure it out and stop paying someone else to do it ha

Don't worry redsox, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to bike maintenance, and I changed mine with no issues a couple of weeks ago. It took maybe an hour to finish the entire job.

I removed the seals and tapped each bearing (tap from the side opposite the bearing, of course) out lightly with a blunt-edged punch going in a circular motion until both bearings were out. Then I cleaned the inside of the hub and greased the inside really well (probably too much). I gently tapped the new bearings in with a small hammer in a circular motion until the bearings were seated. Packed the new seals with grease, pressed them on with my hands, put the wheel back on, and I was done. If I can do it, anybody can do it. :p

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