Rotor lapped and torqued still shears key

Good so you can now see that it hasn't been a "dramatic change", it's going along like it has.

Do we know if all failures are related to using the electric start, backfiring or race condition riding?

I think all the data on bike build number is good information and will help in determining who is at risk. On the other hand I feel it is engine numbers that should be looked at now since it was during the engine build that something went wrong.

my key sheared after it backfired when i was kick starting it. first i tried the e-start it was engaging but it was cold so i knew it wasn't gonna start. so i stopped and kicked it a few times after the third kick it backfired. i tried the e-start again and it just spun bye bye mr.woodruff key.didn't even hit 15 miles on the bike before the key went.

as for the raptors . If one person replaces five starter clutches it is probably not the machine but the user . There are thousands of these machines out there , few have had the problem . One more deciding factors is two words "quad owner"

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