What do you guys think?

So here it is. $650 for the bike and $300 later in parts and not to shabby for a bike under $1000......

Wanting your guys opinions on how to make it look a little better.....I want to get a new seat/cover and possible some graphics....

Should i leave the seat black or find a blue one...

Or should I just leave the bike the way it is...

I'm definitely going to get some numbers for the plates, but from there needing some input.




1000 bucks huh...damn that's a sweet deal.seat looks fine black,i say enjoy the hell out of it,then double your money:banana:

dang on. dont look bad at all and i just recovered the seat on my wr400 all black too. i just like the all black seat a little better.

It does look kind of bland. Too much blue with that huge tank on there. Get some graphics for the tank and shrouds then sprinkle some stickers here and there and call it a day. Nice find by the way.

get some factory graphics for it. They look great. Then get a side stand cause it looks like you need it.

Then spend some money to get your suspension setup correctly for your weight and riding ability.

After you do that, you'll be riding too much for anyone to really notice anything else that you may do to it.

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