lmao, yep he's a tool.

That's going to leave a mark!


You cant fix stupid.

hahahhahaha thats just great

Yup, a classic back yard, "hold my beer" moment.:p:lol:

i just watched the crash part about 20 times in a row....that is funny!!!

what an idiot!

aaahahahahah his face broke the fence!!!!!!!

haha if i saw someone do that. I would have a siezure from laughing so hard

It's great to be able to watch natural selection actually occur in nature.

It's people like that who turn the water in the gene pool, green

i bet he sold the bike and bought a quad

By the cadence of that last "dude" you know it wern't pretty.

i bet he sold the bike and bought a quad

thanks for the LOL :p

First time on a bike and he was thinking that it drives like a car...funny.

i think the fence won

If you could ride a bicycle and drive a can how can you not put the two together?It's like a bicycle with a motor.

what was he trying to do. I'm serious.

Did he not know how to pull the clutch in and pull the brake.

I rolled over and laughed so hard,

That idiot should have a restraining order given to him to keep at least 1000ft way from all bike. LOL

made my day

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