wr450 start procedure

what do you guys find works best as a cold starting routine

for your wr450's?

It might depend on what starter jet you have, I've got a 70 starter jet, and its in the 30's and 40's right now. I pull the choke, blip the throttle three times then as I'am pushing the start button I slowly turn the throttle a bit. usually fires right up.

its a little bizzare, i picked mine up today and i can't get it to start.i'm leaving it alone right now but it's a little frustrating. i just called beezer and asked him...now he's in his garage and his won't start either!

i've never brought a new bike home and had this happen. :)

i just got done putting in a 160 main, 48 pilot, and 72 starter jet, pulled the air box snorkle, and put in the gyt exhaust insert. starts and idles wayyyyyyy better than stock.

I snap the throttle 4-5 times, full choke, than don't touch the throttle.

If under 40 degrees, open throttle 3 - 5 times, choke out and don't touch he throttle - It's in the manual.

If you hold the throttle open doesn't the tps cause the timing to advance and increase the risk of backfire?

There goes another woodruff key!!!!

If it's cold and you are rejetted (160/48) pull the choke and blip the throttle once then use the kicker. It spins the motor faster and allows the decompression to release. After warmup use the e start. If it won't start charge your battery. Most aren't charged that well from the dealer.

All I do is blip the throttle twice choke on and hit the button and it fires up. :)

It has been cold between 30 - 40 degrees this last month. I have had the bike for a month now. I have started the bike many times all with the electric start and ran the bike up and down the street in the snow. My starting procedure goes as follows: with choke on, blip full throttle 4 times, engage electric start for 1-2 seconds and stop. Blip the throttle a couple more times and close, then engage the starter for another 1-2 seconds. On the third starter engagement crack the throttle a tiny amount ( less than 1/8th throttle ) and it starts without any problem. I have never been able to start it like a street bike with the electric start on the first attempt. It needs 3 starting attempts to fire when it is cold. I have removed the sky blue wire when I did the grey wire. Make sure your battery has a full charge by using a battery tender when the bike is stored for more than a week. Dont run the starter for more than a few seconds per attempt.

its in the high 20's - low 30's right now and i haven't rejetted yet,just picked the bike up yesterday.

my ktm and drz are easy to start.

it's quite an ordeal to start these blue bikes but i'll get used to it i'm sure.

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