Rear brake assembly not fitting on swingarm

I picked the rear tire and caliper assembly used online, noted as a 99'

When i slid original rear rotor into the caliper assembly, the rotor didn't fit into the caliper fully and i was unable to slide the rear axel through the swing arm tire assembly. i replaced the rotor with a Tusk Stainless Steel Brake Rotor, Rear - 1999 Yamaha YZ400F .

Without the rotor, everything will fit together. Does anyone know for a fact if a 98 rotor is smaller then the 99 rotor? I don't wanna throw more $ out on something that might be the same. Thanx.

heads up....

I spoke with tech @ rockymountain mc, and the rotor diameters are as follows:

98 yz400f= approx. 8 5/8"

99 yz400f= approx. 9 5/16"

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