I need to know once and for all

I keep hearing rumours that the WR450 has transmission problems from extended highway use, Is it true.

It is absolutely true that there have been several posts about WR450's that have had transmission failure. Some have been in only dirt, some have been used as dual sport including extended highway miles.

Now, if you go on the KTM, KLX, and CRFX forums, you will find the same issues. These are lightweight performance machines that all have some weaknesses, in order to keep them at a price point, weight, and ease of manufacture.

What are your concerns, specifically? Do you plan to Hooligan the bike?

I personally would say the WR transmission is NOT a problem for this application, but if you want to be 'safer' you could install a cush hub.

I have a 450X which is supposed to have fragile valves, and a terrible third gear that is not suitable for DS use: I have over 300 hours on the stock motor with the stock valves and shims, and have never had a tranny issue.

1. You can't believe everything you read.

2. You get out of it what you put into it: maintain it like it is fragile and it will be fine.

Add to this the WR was never designed as a highway bike. A DR650 would be a much better bet if you want to do highway miles. Or a KTM990 adventure mmmmmmmm

i have approx 15k miles as a supermoto

and 5k as a dual sport

i run 5 days a week 80 miles at 55-70mph. NO PROBLEMS, also running 13/41 gears.

use the clutch thats what its there for

as stated above KEEP THE OIL CLEAN

Yes I know, I dream of having a KTM 990 one day to. Funny thing is I have been riding Yamaha 400 and Yamaha 450 since they first came out and have put on 10s of 1000s of miles without any tranny problems so where are these people with the Tranny problems. What I am beginning to think is lack of proper maintenance. Thanks for the comments.

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