Seal Savers vs Fork Boots

Can anybody give the reasons why they would use one over the other? I have had fork boots in the past and they have worked well, but were a bit of a pain to install.

I had a set of seal savers on my bike at the beginning aof last season. We had a very wet spring last year, and there was lots of snow and mud. I found that they held too much grit and moisture in, despite trying to clean them off at the car wash after every ride. I put them on to prevent my front forks from leaking, but didn't seem to help any. I took them off, and haven't used them since. :)

Fork boots are for conventional forks. On USD forks, they would hang low and snag on everything, plus interfer with with brake mts. etc. Seal savers with lower fork protectors are the way to go on USD forks. They are kinda the same thing, but slimmer, tighter and just for keeping dirt out as opposed to deflecting/cushioning roost.

I think they are a joke.

I change my fluid every 5-6 races anyway. And I go ahead and change my seals at the same time.

I think Seal Savers are the greatest thing ever inveted. Not to mention simple! Why didnt someone think of these before.

Anyways, I was replacing seals every 5-6 rides because of the mud and grit. After putting my seal savers on more than a year and a half ago, I havent had a problem since.

I imagine I will have to change the fluid before I have to change another seal.

Well worth the money.. ($22 US i think?)

I am a Seal Saver believer. I was having the weepy seal syndrome all too often and I am happy to have a "joke" that actually works!!!

This may not be the product of choice for someone who is willing to perform fork maintenance every couple months or so.

I have different demands on my time and have found these items to exceed my expectations. Just make sure to clean them out after you ride.

My goal is to arrange things so that I spend more time riding the bike than servicing it if at all possible, especially when it means servicing the same item repeatedly.

I won't ride another bike wothout them. And service is great. They stand behind their product. I was replacing seals every couple months before putting them on. Now with them I have replaced and revalved 3 times without changing seals. And NO leaks. Worth more than they charge. :)

I agree about the Seal Savers. I went through 3 set of fork seals before I used them.

They work, plain and simple.

Just FYI, you can get 51"x12" of 3mm neoprene (same stuff as what's in seal savers) for a bit more than $12 from This is enough to make 2 sets of "Seal Savers" and you can even make one for the shock too. I like the one I made for the shock, makes cleaning the muck sooo much easier, it keeps it from getting inbetween the spring layers, keeps roost out of the shock area too. Here you can kinda see what it looks like on my old KDX shock. Hope it helps. :)

PS Sealsavers work great, no leaks in over 2 years. :D

hey squid... i had my fork seals leak when we are exposed to thick muddy situations...i think they work may want to check and see how your dust scrubbers are holding up...they may not be properly seated.

Two questions for you Dr.Z:

Are you using the long or short model of Seal Savers on your zook?

How did you stitch up the homemade saver on the KDX shock??

sounds like something I need ! can you tell me more? where do you get them ? any price?

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