I moved the ugly vent hose.

That vent hose that hangs beside the left front of the motor is ugly plus I worry about tearing it off in brush. I removed the plastic skid plate in front of the motor, ran the tube down between the oil lines behind the aluminum plate, then put the end of the hose in the large hole in the bottom of the aluminum plate. It fits perfectly, and I can't see any problem with it and it looks so much better. Also for those interested I could'nt see having two kill buttons. I've been trying to get used to using the on off switch only so I don't leave it on, so I thought why have the kill button on the handlebar. I unpluged it took it off, and I'am just using the on off only, so far I like it and can't see any problems doing it that way. Thought I'd run it by you guys for questions or comments.

Only possible problem i could see the kill switch is emergency situation where its hard to get to the other. May or may not be req'd for races depending on the organization. Nice work on the vent hose, btw.



Every racing organization I know of requires a handlebar mounted kill button.

My WR has three kill buttons. One on the bars, one behind the number plate, and one on the side of the carb. It's marked "choke" but the engine quits immediately when you push it in :).

The only problem Ive had with my WR is when the cheesy kill switch on the handlebars flew apart. I figured the same thing you did and chunked the cheesy switch. Tim

It's marked "choke" but the engine quits immediately when you push it in .

I hope you mean "pull it out" ? :):D

I hope you mean "pull it out" ?

I was waiting for that...... :)

I was thinking about relocating the on/off switch on the side of the bike (like near the voltage regulator on the right side of the bike,under the seat and tank).


I run an after market kill switch which looks the same as the CR one. Its heaps better than the WR one ... and only costs about $10

Kiwi, I was wondering does your wr450 have a rev limiter, mine seems to hit it to early does anybodys bike do the samething.

I currently have the 426, my 450 arrives in 2 days !!!!!!!! :):D :D :D :D

The 426 limiter is there but I very rarely come close to hitting it. WOT on gravel roads maybe but not on the trail

I haven't heard anyone else mention on TT yet though and I am sure it would hit here pretty quick if it did. There are some seriously fast riders in our community, who push their bikes to the limit, so I am sure they/we would complain PDQ if it did hit too early.

Thats for the info hope you get your new bike soon it is a very smooth ride.

I hope you mean "pull it out" ?

Nope. It will not run with the choke off. I was joking about the carb-mounted kill button, but it really does shut right off when I turn the choke off. I have a whole new set of jets. Maybe I can install them when the dealer gets the flywheel reattached.

A HEAD'S UP on that head vent line: When you start your bike, the engine SUCK'S IN air via this line. When the engine is running, it blows out.

Be careful where you start your bike, i.e. w/ your vent line submerged in water!!

I rerouted my house down the center too. It allways had smashed guides after every ride and once a stick had come thru and folded it and it was pinched off. That is not good for engine seals. :)

I seen a guy add a longer hose to the vent line and aimed it at his chain. That way when the engine blew unwanted oil out it lubed the chain. Pretty cool.

As far as the rev limiter, it has one believe me. I showed up at a desert race this weekend undergeared (15-50) and bounced off the rev limiter all day. It does seem like it comes on sooner than my older YZF400, but I think it was just that the 450 revs out faster. The race track was also silty and soft. The wheel was spinning, but we were just sitting there for the most part.

This WILL sound stupid but what happens when you hit the rev limiter.Does the motor just stop pulling? Is this a built in engine safety?Cant say that I've ever pushed a big bore that hard. This is my 2nd big bore.My 1st was a 00 DRZ400E.

03 WR450FR grey wire mod. Works connection alum. frame guards.

Thats exactly right, it is a built in safety feature that keeps you from reving the engine to little bits and pieces. The engine stops gaining revs and kinda runs crappy. It doesn't like it at all. Probably not to good for it either. I had a night mare about it last night, along with some scary looking silt monsters....don't ask.

NH Kevin,

I stalled my WR450 yesterday in water that was near the bottom of the engine. Tried starting and it seemed to suck water into the engine. Was never able to restart after this and had to be towed out. You're saying the motor will draw water in through the breather hoses? If so, what's the procedure for removing any water? Anyone else had this problem? :)

I have never submerged mine yet, but on my old XL500, I ran the hose up high under the seat and added a small K&N breather filter. I figure the oil impregnated cloth would repel most water for a while if necessary. Besides, by then my intake would be drowned...

I plan to do something similar to the WR. I always thought a gore-tex bootie over the filter would be cool, since gore-tex is supposed to breathe but not allow water through. Same with the air filter. Just wonder if it breathes enough. Never tried it.

The other potential problem might be that the oil could eventually settle and block the lowest portion of the hose if it can't drain all the way back into the crankcase.

Why don't you tee off the hose and run one up and one down. Oil will drain down normally and in the event you try to re-start the engine when the lower hose is submerged, it will not draw water up because the upper hose has less resistance. Maybe run the upper hose to the air box?

Good Luck,


Sticky has the right idea on the vent hose----I would add on thing to it though. Add some sort of "check valve" to thebottom hose to let excess oil out and nothing else in.

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