fuel screwed?

I noticed my fuel screw was 3.5 turns out while I was taking my carb apart to clean the pilot jet. I've been having a problem with my bike not idling without the choke. Could this be my problem?

More than likely not, not running w/o the choke is a sign of a plugged PJ. I would reset the fuel screw to 3 turns out and keep an eye on it.

Assuming the screw was less then 3.5 turns out this would be the problem.

Turning the screw out and choking have the same effect.

Alltough choking has a bigger effect then 1 turn or so.

What was the previous screw setting?

If unknown: 3.5 turns might have been where it has been all the time.

Did it run wel before?

Id look into the pilot jet.

I pulled the pilot jet and it wasn't clogged, unless there is something clogged deeper in the carb.

What size pilot? Was it shiny brass colored or dark?

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