Hard to start w/o choke

Hi all,

All the bikes I've owned except my current KX250 would start fine without the choke after the initial start up of the day. Half of the time with my KX250 though, if I shut it off even for a couple of minutes, I end up needing the choke to start it back up. I don't think it's a matter of being too lean in the pilot because it did this even when I was a couple of sizes too rich on the pilot. The bike runs/idles fine. Any ideas?

Maybe play with your air/fuel mixture screw

pilot jet clogged maybe

Maybe one size too small pilot jet. I make mine like that though because I like a clean of idle and that happens sometimes.


Did you verify your pilot jet using the "Jetting 101" guide?

Thanks guys.

Yes, I did verify the pilot jet size. I know it sounds like a lean pilot, but it acted like this even when I had a couple sizes bigger pilot installed.

Time for a top end?

Well that's not it either. The top end only has 4 rides on it right now.:p

What size pilot are you running ?

pull out your plug before you start it, mine used to do the same thing. This will give you a idea if you need fuel or need to lean it out

Mine was too rich.

Do you have a small intake vacuum leak? That can sure make 'em hard to start or require using the choke on a warm motor.

Take your bike OUTSIDE. With it idling, spray a little starting fluid (ether) around the intake boot ends. If the idle speeds up, you got a leak on the end you were spraying.

I will try that next time I fire it up, thanks!

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