XR400R SA Pivot Zerks?

I know it doesn't come with any but has anyone successfully added any?

I found this post a long while back and saved it but I never heard anything come of it other than one or two guys that tried it. Anyone else done it? Sounds easy enough and a good way to maintain between complete rear end overhauls.


I did this to my old RM250 years ago. Thing is, just inserting a zerk into the swingarm doesn't get grease to the most susceptible areas for corrosion and problems, that being those sections of the bolt that pass thru the sleeves.

On the my RM I located the zerks in the swingarm to line up with the centers of the sleeves, then at those points drilled a couple of holes in the sleeves around their diameter and ground shallow channels around the sleeves between the holes. Those channels direct grease from the zerks to the holes drilled into the sleeves, so the bolts sections that pass thru the sleeve recieve grease.

It's a lot of work. It easier to just take out the bolt once a year and grease it.

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