Header Glowing red HOT

Allright, I modded my DRZ400S - I added a full Yosh RS2 Stainless, did 3x3 and used Eddie's specs for 1200FT. Main, Pilot and screw turns - everything.

It gave the bike better response, better mileage and a nice thump. Now I have 2 problems.

1 the other night I let it idle for about 3-4 minutes with choke on (it was about 45 here in Ohio) and the header was glowing red hot. Was that just due ot the extra Rich mixture from having the choke on?

2. The thing vibrates like crazy. A deep down frame rumble that subsides when I let off the gas. Now I did not use all the spacers when I mounted the yosh and just received replacements from Yosh so I'm thinking I need to weasel the pipe around a bit because it is just barely touching the left rad guard. Is that my problem or will I have to live with the hand numbing vibration of the pipe? It did this a lot initially but risers, fatbars, handguards and even a GPR stabilizer helped - Until the pipe.

EDDIE, Help me rest easy on the jetting and the Shaking!

i think a glowing header pipe indicates that your bike is too lean and thus too hot

no air flow over the pipe + fast idle = glowing thin wall pipe.

vibration? not jetting related.


It not lean while on the choke (enrichener), it has too much fuel going in the burn in the combustion chamber so there is unburned fuel burning in the exhaust along with thin exhaust pipe. Turn off the enrichener, put it in gear and release the clutch

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