1983 Xr200r/xl200r

I just found an `83 XL200R for sale. I had an `83XR200 for a long time and loved it to death. Literally.

What are the suspension and motor differences between the two?

If the price is right it might be fun to clean it up and have a nice street legal 200 w/XR specs. I'd have to do something about the forks natch'.

The models you mention are the twin shock models and have less suspension travel than the R models of 81-83 and 86-91. The XL I believe is a 5 speed, and the XRs are six speeds. Here is some data on the 200s:

Years Model Front Rear dry weight

... .... XL200 7.9 6.5 234

...... . XR200 8.6 7.5 216

81-83 XR200R 9.8 9.7 222.7

86-91 XR200R 10.0 9.6 216

92-99 XR200R 8.2 8.3 223

00-03 XR200R 7.3 5.9 223

CRF230F 9.9 9 249

Thanks, Chuck.

No, the bike I was looking at was an `83 XL200 (maybe an "R", could you get the XL's with an "R" designation?) w/ a prolink swingarm.

The shock looked different from the one on my old XR200R. Mine had the remote nitrogen reservoir and this XL didn't appear to have one.

I was wondering if there were any other subtle differences besides that and the tank. Maybe cam, carbueretion, exhaust, stuff like that.

The XL200R was only made in 83 and 84. They are all Pro-link single shock models, and the shock has no reservoir. They are 5 speed instead of 6 speeds, and they have a different cam, a smaller 24mm carb, and 9.2:1 instead of 10:1 compression. The frame is different as well, as it is a diamond type like the XR80/100. The XR200R frame is a full cradle type that goes all the way under engine. That said, they are fun little bikes on and off road. I am in the process of updating mine to XR specs with an XR cam and 10:1 piston. I have already put a 26mm carb on it.

Thank you sir. That's the dope I was looking for.

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