Help Cant Decide On A 450 To Buy!!!!!!!!

So im looking at crf450 on craigslist, race dezert, and thumpertalk and i do prefer a honda crf450 or a ktm 450sx... as for honda which bike would be the lightest and least on maintance as far as valves and cams, and which yrs are the best and which yr should i stay away from? and if you know any other sites too look for a bike let me know, im in southern cal so thats where i prefer too look for bikes...thanks

If you want reliable get a leftover 07 or 08. I have an 03 I just got and love it but if you want very reliable get a Yamaha. I also have an 08 Yamaha yz250f with 93 hours and valves did not move. and the 450's are even better because you dont rev as high.

the early CRFs had some valve issues, but a safe bet would be an 05 or newer (they redid the bike in 05 and i havent heard about many issues in the later models...) its no secret they are the best bikes you can buy for MX...(hense why i just bought a brand new leftover 08) what you give up in maintenance (the filters are a bit$#), you get back 10 fold in performance...

The SX series has always been very reliable (similar to the Yammis) i have never ridden one, but ive heard they haul...i would look at an 07 or newer in the SXF 450

I have the 07 Honda 450R and no problems to date; good bike. My son just got a KTM SX 450 and that thing rocks. If I was getting a new bike again I would get the KTM.

Depends on the yr. 05-08 CRFs are awesome except the suspension in the 07-08 is harsh stock. Motor is awesome. I have an 07 and it's been rock solid other than the decomp pin. Pre-08 KTMs has a soft bottom end, but monster top end. Suspension leaves a little to be desired. Maintenance is easy, and the motor shouldn't give you any problems.

I have a stock 07 with 200 plus hrs. The bike usually isn't the problem.....the problem is usually the person taking care of the bike. Just look for other things like how clean is the seller's truck, garage or even clothing. Any bum can throw fresh plastic on a bike so inspect everything. It's your money..

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