About Pilot Power 2ct's

i posted something in the sumo forum, but i got no response so here i go again:

any of you use these for racing or serious track days? or are they not totally suitable compared to a really sumo specific tire?

Im not talking a dandy track day, im talking a pusing the bike to the total limits..


there good tyres not joking there. But if your Looking for a race tyrethem your looking at the wrong one. Check out the pilot race. Dr street and a track day no problem but the tend to wear a tad to fast on the sides. I stick with the original pilot powers for track and street

They are not sumo specific, but are great tires. I think you will be very happy with them. I've never run the 2ct on the DRZ, but I've run the regular pilot power and the power race. Both in 150mm. I think the 2ct is only available in a 160, so it may be a tight fit. I just got a set of the Michelin sumo slicks, but don't have any time on them yet.

FWIW - The power race is very sticky, but warms up slower than the pilot power. The pilot power (any version) is great for road courses, but the sumo specific tires may be better on true supermoto tracks. I'll know in time.

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