Help CRF 50 Wont Start

I just had a quick question I was hoping to get some help on. I have a 04 CRF 50 that i cant get running for the life of me.

I bought it and it ran fine, but after i had it for a while and put a UNI clamp on it never would idle right. it would just die no matter how high you set the idle. you would think you had it, and then it would just die.

I have cleaned the carb and the gas is new. the plug is an NGK and is new.

Now i can barly get it to start. when it does it revs up and then just dies. if you try and give it gas, it bogs. i have tried everything. the plug is a sooty black when i pull it out leading me to think it is running to rich, but even with it right, it should idle.

please help. any ideas?:p

is your uni filter clean ? I have had weird problems with the air filter dirty. Try starting it without filter on

IF you went from a stock filter to an aftermarket filter, you might need to jet it richer..

Have you tried using the choke to start it?

Also check your valve adjustment.. I check mine every couple months since it literally takes 5 minutes..

If I don't adjust mine for 6 months then my bike doesn't want to ever idle right

edit: ahh missed the part where you said the plug is black..

Try it with no air filter and see what happens like BlingBling5O said

i have tried it wiht no filter on it. how do you adjust the valves? im new to 4 strokes.

Check to make sure the ground strap near the airfilter is secure being that you removed it to take off the airbox and check the valves [do a search on valve adjustment]

the ground is good. it has spark when i kick it over all the time. i also tried a jet cleaning set at my local shop and not even the smalled bit would make it threw the pilot jet. ill try wtih the valves. who has a stock carb they want to sell me?

PM sent:~)

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