I got one of Huffman's bikes


I picked up Damon Huffman's last 08 bike he had, just curious to know if anyone around here would know how often they would re build the engines, and to what they have been known to do to them, All I know is it is super tractable power on the track, it squats and pulls forever and is so smooth, He told me his mechanics use Je pistons, and that was about all he knew about it. So if someone out there has some knowledge as on how Team Kawasaki does up their motors, fly wheels, etc. and if they rebuild how many hours, let me know, this kx450 is sick, I absolutely love it.

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    • By Toadmeister00
      HPI programmable CDI with integrated shift interrupt and 2-map switch. This is an excellent addition to an 85 or 105 supermoto/minigp bike.

      Link to manufacturer: http://hpi.be/item.php?item=CD5002D-2CP-S

      I will include bracket, shift solenoid and the Hammerhead shift lever. Basically a bolt-on-and-go affair.

      The maps were done by TDC 2-Stroke Performance in IL and are mid to top end focused (supermoto/ roadrace).

      This will work on '04-'17 bikes.
      I have changed platforms from a KTM 105 to a Honda CRF150R and am selling off the 105 stuff to fund the R build.

      Asking $425/shipped
    • By jetfuel
      This race looked a lot like how the SX season is going !! WOW!! 
    • By jcm3
      I'm not sure what Yamaha was thinking by signing him early to a longer term contract.  I was really pulling for him this year and like him, but with his history, it seems like he's at his best when he's racing for a ride.  They sign him, and he goes 10th and dns.  Not sure how long he'll be out, but they should have kept him hungry and not signed him until the off season.  Hindsight is 20/20 though.
      Poor guy can't seem to make it through a season, but I was hoping he'd have a healthy season this year and do well.
      (edit: obviously talking about Barcia)  
    • By KTMRider4Life
      How many KTM'S on the podium today? 
      More than any jap scrap mfr that's for sure! 
    • By jetfuel
      Starts tomorrow 1:30 EST