opinions needed on this one

Nice bike. I don't know what the bike market looks like in WA....but here in WV $3000 would get you a low mile, well kept 2003 or 2004, maybe even a 2005 if you found the right deal. I paid $4950 otd for a brand new 2007 hold over in the spring of last year.

I guess it depends on how quickly you need to buy something. You can probably find a better deal if you keep looking. Or wait this guy out, I doubt anyone will be beating down his door to cough up $3000 anytime soon.

3K is pretty steep for a 9 year old dirt bike. I think you could do better for the price. Low 2000's would be a more realistic number, but it is a one of a kind. Come to think of it mine's a one of a kind too. Funny, I think everyone in this forum has a one of a kind bike too.

I am from the Seattle area and I think this is a fairly averge deal. Without looking at it first hand I would think you can get one newer for this money....the bike has some upgrades but is also 9 years old. I would buy newer and you can get a 04+ for this money and probably with some upgrades. Keep looking....I saw this listing a couple days ago and didn't think it was very special because of it's age. Maybe if you got it for $2300? it could be a deal.

That is way too expensive IMO.

Buy a ZED and do a few mods, you'll be hooked.

Z is an awesome bike with TONS of support around here. i got 2

thanks fellas; A little research shows I should be able to get a newer one for that amt.

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