Joined the DRZ bunch!

Finally got a way to get the bike home.

2000 DRZ-S with 744.1 miles on it LOL. Clean as can be and the only dirt this bike had seen was riding on grassy pastures LOL. Bought from a nice elder gentleman that's had it since 200 miles. I need to get a battery as the PO didn't ride the bike much so the battery is dead. Hoping to find one tomorrow at the Zuki stealerships unless anyone has other suggestions for a battery that will fit and last. Bike came with bike cover, helmet, stock tool bag, Suzuki hand guards and rear rack, couple quarts of new oil and a new replacement oil filter.

But she's home and I'm happy! Glad to be a part of the DRZ crowd. :p

(excuse the mess in the garage)





GREAT FIND!! How much?

wow... good as new condition! Nice catch

Very nice....looks as close to brand new as you can find. Get a battery tender to keep it on when you get your new battery. Good find.

Thanks guys! :p

I'll take better pics of it tomorrow when I get home from work. Off to bed now as I'm tired from the drive.

Great deal, someone obviously saved it for you! Congrats and welcome to TT :p

It even has the original reflectors. :p

Nice find

Welcome to the club!

I guess it's time for me to join the bunch as well. Actually both of them, Thumper and DR-Z owner. Bought my '02 E last saturday. I was kinda planning that my first post would've been about my Z with pictures included but I had to post because the graphics on OP's bike look really awesome. ^^

Are those stock graphics on an '00 S?

Well, bunches of congrats to you then :p

So, out of curiosity and 'cause I am ignorant, why does it say DR on the shroud?

Anyway, your garage is NOT as messy as my HOUSE so don't feel bad :lol:


The graphics are stock as I've seen them on some of the blue 2000 DRZs.

Also I looked on the title again this morning and why does it say "DR-Z400SY"? Always thought there was k, e, s, sm?

Great find, looks like it was just put together last week....

You will want to think about radiator protection and case savers (both at TT store) then tires if your going to be off-road much.

Good luck with it and ride safe. Eddie makes a battery kit as well. There is a ton of info in the FAQ on everything from jetting and oil changes to cam chain tensioners..... Have fun and hang on to your wallet....

Welcome to the club you will love the bike...:p

Thanks kman! Yeah I've been lurking here for a good while before registering. This site is what helped make my decision to go with the DRZ, mainly this forum section as its filled with tons and tons of info and usually the first 3 pages are from one day's worth of postings!!

First things on the list are protection for the bike, MCCT, loctite fixes and address the other "common issues" on a stock DRZ. Read all about these awful "deathwings" everyone calls thse tires. I'm definitely going to be weary on the bike until I get some decent rubber for it.


Whatever you do... stay off the wet grass with them. You'll be on your arse so fast you won't know what happened.

Had to order the Yuasa battery yesterday. Damn those things are expensive! Bump started the bike and she fired right up without the need for choke. I need to run a little techron in the gas tank I think as there was a little bit of hesitation on partial throttle but WOT the bike moves. I will admit I was a little worried about how I would feel with the DRZs power but to be honest (coming from a VTR1000 vtwin), I now know this bike has plenty of potential. Stock yeah its no high perf. bike but its got plenty of character and the little 400 is torquey enough to pull my butt around. I love this bike so far! Can't wait to wake the bike up with some mods later on.

About 500 ft from my house is a nice dirt "playground" where they cut into the side of a mountain. I took the DRZ out there just tooling around and it seemed right at home aside from the deathwings not having any grip lol. Yeah I need to get some DOT knobbies for sure!

One thing I ran into though was the motor is easy to stall if coming to a stop. I think I need to maybe raise the idle a hair. So far I'm impressed with the DRZ. The weight didn't seem as much as an issue as I had thought it might be. I guess it all depends on the person or how long you're out riding for the day. Time will tell I suppose.

So far its feels like money well-spent for a 744 mile bike. Especially when I factor in the bke sale came with bike cover, oil and new filters, oem suzuki add-ons, HJC helmet (I'll sell it for cheap to make a little $ back) for $2700.

Whatever you do... stay off the wet grass with them. You'll be on your arse so fast you won't know what happened.

+ 1 been there done that!

Trying to decide on D606 tires or something else. Lots of threads on tires so I'll have to sift thru them and try to get a feel for what suits my needs. I think the D606 might be it but I'd like a little longer mileage.

Bought a new lid and some eyeballs today at CG. O'neil 5 series Friction helmet. Dragon MDX goggles. :p





Boy that sure is a pretty shade of blue on those goggles... :p

:cry::lol: !! I was a little iffy on them but when I tried them on in the store they seemed to make it easier for me to see out of reducing the glare because of the blue tint on the lens. They block 100% UV light as well :p . Figured they might be good for the trail on a bright day. Tried to find the Scott's goggles that have the light sensitive lens on them but they weren't in stock.

If I'm not mistaken the Y at the end of your bike model on your title is a certain digit ( I think the 8th) in the VIN designating your bike to a certain year. My '96 DR350SE is listed as a DR350ST on the title.

Beautiful bike man! I am waiting for a similar DRZ to come my way!

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