what size trailer

would i need to haul around 2 big bikes and 2 small ones???? enclosed trailer that is.

How roomy do you want it? You could do it with a 13 or 14x7, but you won't have a lot of room around the bikes.

I hauled 3 full size bikes and a mini in a 13x7 and still had room for gear. Dirt bikes were fine, but when hauling the sport bikes it got a little cramped. Do yourself a favor - go for the 7' wide or better. Avoid the 6 footers; they will be tempting as they are cheaper and abundant. I liked the 7' overhead in mine as well, but that's not as important as width.

Mine was a bullnose; two bikes side by side in the rear, one bike centered all the way forward, and the mini facing the rear up against the gate. I set my new toyhauler up pretty much the same way.

would i need to haul around 2 big bikes and 2 small ones???? enclosed trailer that is.

I have a 5x10 + V nose, and can easily fit 2 big bikes and 2 small bikes (TTR125 & XR80) and all the crap we drag along with no issue.

This year, I'll be hauling a YZ250, KTM380, KX 100 and a TTR125L, and still have plenty of room on the tail for tools, gas cans, coolers, gear bags, etc. The key is to use the full V nose, and put the bike's in diagonally.

I was a bit skeptical of the 5' width at first, but with the bike's in diagonally, they fit great. The nice part is, it follows right in the path of the PU, so there isn't alot of extra drag caused by the trailer.

I avg'd 15 mpg pulling this trailer with two weeks worth of camping gear from MN to CA and back last year on vacation, and that was running 70 mph, mountains, AC on, etc.

Here's some pics with my KTM 380, TTR125 and XR80 on board-there's plenty of room on the tail for fourth bike.




It's a low-pro trailer, here is a pic that lets you see the V nose:


we fit 5 full size bikes in a 6x12 at an angle. built a rack along 1 wall to slip the front wheel in and strap the bikes to.

we have a 6x12 & it holds 3 small & 2 large bikes, with removeable chocks.

2 in the front, 3 in the back (1 facing backwards), gas cans, gear bags/boxes, etc

We attached coat hooks on the top of the front wall to hold jackets, camel-backs & helmets (between rides, not travel)

thanks guys!!! im looking at a 6'12 on thursday.

so i looked at that trailer the other day and it seemed small. so im looking at a 7 by 14 next week. its a haulmark for 4300, what do you guys think???? all i know about it is, it has a ramp rear door, dual axle and some tie downs.

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