sxf 250 09 start

I just have my new sxf with a little problem in start,with 15 degrees it needs no choke if i start it with choke it statrs up and imidiatly stalls.with the choke off needs 1/4 throttle to fires up.1 or 2 kicks its fine.a little help please.

sorry about my english.

sounds like your jetting is off or something in your carb is off. i would take it back to the dealer if its new and have them look at it.

never heard of this prob

Not sure whats going on there. make sure your mixture control screw on the bottom of the carb has not fallen out.

Lets make it a little bit easier.

someone tells me the mixture its too rich so i close the mixture a half from 1.25 to 0.75.the point is today we have 25 celcius in see level ,i pull the choke(close air) and kick ,fires up for 5 secs and dies,like allready warmed up,push the choke back(open air normaly position)one kick and fires up and its working lovely.No broblems saw when im running everything perfect.

This is the no choke bike ,start great without it.

maybe the wheater is hot for choke ,lets see in winter what happends, what else to say.

anyone with same problem?

It is rich, why is the question. Is it new, did a previous owner (or you) adjust the carb/jetting? Did a jet fall into the bowl? Time to inspect and adjust. I'll guess you are leaving some power & response on the table as is.

I like to find where the bike is lean then back it out towarrds rich till it is clean. A JD kit is nice too but still needs tuning.

the bike is brand new i have write only 10 hours till now.I have open the carb averything its ok.I put 170 from 175 and nothing hapends still fires up without choke with one kick,if i pull it imidiatly stalls.I did the work.

I saw some popping on decel if this helps.(the exhaust is not leaking from conections)

The main will have minimal effect on the starting circuit, try the pilot, drop a size & see. I'd go back to the 175 main for baseline testing too.

You need to test at every throttle level, closed, cold/hot starting, 1/4, 1/2 and WOT, then you still need to tune for response from closed to WOT, bogs, skips, stutters, etc. Look for signs of surging at each point, then you are lean on that circuit. Surge at mid RPM and a needle clip might be enough. I like to find lean & work towards the fat direction, I find it easier to identify & correct.

You gotta do the testing/tuning. No magic bullets. Even my JD kits needed some minimal tweaking.

today i was on the track i kick it (cold) with 1/4 and its fires (with choke) working at 1/2 too but is works like already warm when i left the throtle stalls.I`m gonna be crazy with this shit because its running fine with no other problem for all the time in the track.starts, idling,run perfect with no choke.

For starters : Get the JD kit. While you put the kit in check that all the carb connections are tight.

Decel popping is caused by a lean condition or / and an exh. air leak. Since you said your exh. isn´t leaking , well ...

I have to find the kit first and try it.thanks for the response.

Not sure if they overseas ship or not tho. Contact them and they should be able to help you out

Interesting, Our 09 250sxf is doing the same thing, we are at 2200 ft and 10-12 deg C right now, I beleive the jetting is to ritch, When I get a chance I will get a smaller idle jet and drop the needle 1 clip and see, WOT feels good. man these engines are sweet....I am really happy with this bike.

Not sure if they overseas ship or not tho. Contact them and they should be able to help you out

yes, they ship them out.


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