from kent in U.K? please help

hello, does anyone know a good reliable machanic who can do the power up/dynojet kit & 3x3 mod on my drz? not very good at that kinda thing and im sick & tired of dealerships ripping me off, messing me about, lying to me and generally cocking things up. last time i took my bike to a dealers they took 4 weeks to service it....., and then it blew up in the outside lane of the motorway cos they drained all the oil out & forgot to put any back in ! :cry::lol: im in north kent / s.e london area and really dont mind making a journey within reason. thanks people, hope you all had a good weekend. :p

Plenty of info right here on this site on how to do it yourself.

Definitely better than having some monkey f' up your bike at the dealer.

If you really need a dealer to do the work call here. But, as mentioned above, if you can hold a spanner, you can do much of the maintenance required on a DRZ.

How 'bout finding some member here in his area and pay them to do it?

Headster is probably the closest and he know has a KT cough M. :p

Hi speedbumpdan, same neck of the woods as me. Living in S.E. and studying in S.W.

There was a small independent dirt bike mechanic I used to use in Bexleyheath, and although cheap and thorough, he also had a habit of being very messy and disorganised.. and thusly took him a while as he'd start another job before finishing the previous. I don't recommend him if you're in a hurry. Although, he used to treat each bike as his own and use initiative where possible to save you money, as you would yourself.

You could also try Aye Gees in Welling, never been in there myself for repairs but the staff are friendly and they all know what they're talking about. However, they are a kwak stealership so be warned.

As for my current mechanic, she's in Kingston-upon-Thames, very reasonable £30ph and as she is just getting established she has very little work on and more than likely could do the turn around in a day.

If you need the details, let me know.

Hi crawler thanks for replying I prob could do the work but really don't want to mess it up n be left with loads of bits n a broken bike :-) if you could send me her number that would be great I will let her know you put me in contact. Oh n if your ever up for green laning on a sun morn let me know, norm leave about 7.30-8am. Thanks again

H & M in Green-Street-Green near Orpington can do it for you, they're Dynojet agents, they did mine no problems....ask for Dave


Hey speedbumpdan, the Opington option sounds favourable for you. Closer and Dynajet agents at that.

Anyhow if you want the mechanic in Kingston send me a PM and I'll pass on her number to you.

Same neck of the woods as me. I would stay away from ayee gees, they are quite expensive and they had a friends bike for weeks and still couldnt fix a ignition problem.

I've used Amazing Bikes in erith (darent industrial estates) a couple of times and they seem quite good :banghead:

Although never used them for a dirty bike - i havnt got one - yet!

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